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Home watch

We give you a one-stop option.

Our Home Watch plan includes weekly checkups on your home & property. 

Our 30-point checklist includes a wide range of visual inspections of the interior and exterior for any signs of damage, break-ins, leaks, mold, etc. and is developed for the unique challenges of living in Southwest Florida.

30 Point Checklist


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  • Bring all mail/packages inside

  • Remove junk mail / flyers from mailbox and front door

  • Inspect yard and planting beds for trash and weeds

  • Monitor landscaping

  • Perform a visual inspection of the exterior for obvious issues

  • Check for drainage issues

  • Check doors and windows for signs of break-in/leaks

  • Inspect for vandalism

  • Inspect for obvious insect infestations or pest presence

  • Check exterior lighting

  • Check pool / spa for obvious issues

  • Check pool cage & dock for signs of damage

  • Visually inspect boat (if applicable)

  • Ensure all lights and equipment are turned off (at the owner’s request)



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  • Ensure security system is functioning

  • Check fire / smoke / CO2 alarms

  • Check temperature / humidity settings on thermostats

  • Check for vandalism or break-in

  • Inspect for obvious pest presence or insect infestation

  • Check for water leaks

  • Run water in sinks and baths - check under sinks

  • Flush stagnant water in toilets

  • Run garbage disposal (if applicable)

  • Check appliances (cycle dishwasher & washing machine monthly)

  • Check window & doors

  • Check lights & fans

  • Check breaker box

  • Check water heater / water softener system

  • Inspect air filter(s)

  • Change timers on lights (if applicable)



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